has anyone here every had to play with some sort of injury or disability or anything like that?

i have a cast on my left hand so it's a bitch to fret, so i was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience.
I had a friend that got bad ass at sweeping while his right hand was in a cast
yea, my arms been broken since october, and it dont have a cast, its just been left to heal, and i can play
i had three casts on my left wrist
each one from 4-6 weeks

the only problems i had where playing while standing up
which was basically impossible to do since i couldnt bend my wrist
but sitting down it was alright

idr what other problems i had
2 years ago i got a cast on my left arm. for 3 weeks i couldnt play unless the guitar was on my lap, then i got the cast off and couldplay.jesus it felt so good getting that cast off and playing again...
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