Auto Wah is crap imo. Normal wah gives you more control.
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Depends, what gerne, usually if your rippin ass on your guitar, I usually focus on the lead or solo im playing so I dont have time to fool around with a pedal, If im pullin a blues or jazz type thing ill go for the pedal to get great affects! If you can multi-task and use a pedal and rip a solo like I can sometimes, more power to you and for for the Wah!
Does the auto wah sweep back and forth? If it does... maybe...... if it don't get the wah. Nevermind i would still get the wah anyways
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The harder you attack, the more it "wahs"

autowahs are vary useful for certain sounds
Wah, obviously.
more control.
Well unless you can't rock your foot and plan guitar at the same time, when Wah is definitely a better option
Or unless you are missing a leg.
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Wah, obviously.
Or unless you are missing a leg.

I actualyed lol'ed at that!
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Auto wah has no expression at all... if you want to put some feeling into it.. get a proper wah
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Wah ftw.Auto wah's no fun at all.
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wow I'll say it again ....

Despite the name, an autowah is not designed to be a foot free wah. It is a filter, one that spices up your sound a bit by adding a bit of a sweep to each note. The effect is normally far more subtle then a wah pedal, and it has it's own specific place

so I say

get both
^yeh they are kinda different but wah ftw
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I prefer normal Wah pedals, because I have more control over them, and can focus on what sounds I want.
you have got to be kidding me i want to kill auto wah it soundslike shit. Everytime you play a note it goes wah...thats just a little too gay sounding.
wah, definately. it actually lets u put the effect exactly in the right spot so u can give the song the feel u want. Auto wahs..... meh....
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What a dumb thread. An envelope filter (autowah) is completely different from a wah pedal and isn't even used for the same sound.
Wah no question about it although Envelope filters sound really kool and make a great pedal board addition.
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wah is good if you want control, but if you don't want more like a constant wah, just get the auto wah, so you don't get tired
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