Yesterday my guitar wouldn't make any sound through my amp, so I figured I'd open it up and have a look.

The first problem was that the 9v battery had basically exploded, the end of it had popped off and it looked pretty cool. No battery acid, I discovered.

The second problem was that when I took the pickguard off, the capacitor for the treble pot had... err... 'ripped' off the pot.

I replaced the battery and it still wouldn't give me any sound.

Question 1. Would the battery exploding cause permanent damage to pup/electronics?

Question 2. Would the tone capacitor not being connected to the tone pot cause no sound to come out?

Question 3. Any other things that could have happened?
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yeah the tone capacitor would need to be connected and im not sure, when it exploded it might of blown the whole circuit though im sure theres inbuilt protection in that emg's..but the force of it might of done some damage, best bets would be to take it to a tech
Not a real explosion. I discovered that a 9v battery is just like 6AAA batteries connected in parallel (sp?). The one end of it was popped off and a couple of the 6 had become disconnected.
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Ok, the tone capacitor has to be connected. The exploding battery could've caused a surge, but i would have thought that the EMG's woud've coped with it cos they can be run off up to 27v as a manufacturer recommendation though, 9 or 18v tends to be the max. Worst case i would say is that you've burned out one of your pots, which will cost about 50p to replace.
well attach the capacitor back on, use a 9v block battery?
and then see if that works
popping off may of broken the little conector so it could be that
if it doesnt seem to be that it would be best to see a techy
Alright, hope it's just the cap not being connected.
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