ive seen a number of threads which totally knock Acoustic Bass, well i was playing one earlier, and i loved it, i didnt want to put it down, why do you people dislike it?
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well i personally dont think there is any point in getting an acoustic bass, but if you like it go for it.
if i could afford it, i would get it, but im pooor

it better still be there when i return to that store
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I have nothing against them. I just wouldn't buy one myself.
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my bros girlfriend has a fender acoustic bass, Its pretty cool but I personally wouldn't buy one..I much rather prefer electric when it comes to playing bass
Personally, the only acoustic bass that's worth it is a Tacoma. Reason? It's actually audible with an acoustic guitar.

I haven't had a chance to play that particular Michael Kelly, so I couldn't tell you much about it. I'm also not too sure the B string would be that great, either.
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I'm seriously considering buying this eventually....

i actually have played that before.
it was great sounding and something very cool, but outside of live acoustic albums (the only time i know of a good one is the Staind one) their use is EXTREMELY limited.

IMHO, dont flame me, there really was a difference from that then playing an electric through a very clean sounding amp.

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The only times where it would seem really useful to me is either an acoustic gig or jamming somewhere where power/an amp isn't available.

Which, in my case, does seem to happen often.
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I really wanna get one, but its nearly impossible around here to get string for it in a resonbably price.

..That sucks
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I've got the Tacoma thunderchief. I just love it. I played some songs together with 2 acoustic guitars, a snare and 5 vocalists and still could be heard.
Don't really know about other acoustic basses though. I played a Stagg, an Epi El Segundo and an Epi El Captain, all three of them lacked the sound that the tacoma has.
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I have a cheap cheap cheap acoustic and hate it. However, I played a Tacoma Thundercheif and thought it was fantastic. It may look a bit strange, but it really sounds amazing. It is true, you can hear it over a guitar. I played a Micheal Kelly and nothing struck me as amazing, except for when it was plugged in (it has a very powerful preamp).
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I love playing one just when chilling out, unfortunately i dont own one myself
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They're very nice, truth be told. But I don't think they're worth the money. The one's I've tried always seem Far too quiet.
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I like acoustic basses, but for the use I would get out of one, I'd have to have extreme G.A.S to justify that purchase. If you are going to get one, the Tacoma is the way to go--the others just don't have enough volume.