I love this band. Awsome melodic death metal. Any fans? If so, they posted this on myspace:

We thought it would be cool to give our loyal fans the recognition they deserve! What better way then putting all your names in the new record! All you have to do is send a email with your name to ridersoftheplauge@yahoo.com and your name will be seen world-wide inside our new CD "Riders Of The Plauge"! So show your support and we'll show you ours by listing all of our loyal thrashers for the world to see! The cut of date is March 10th so dont miss out.


Oh, and if you haven't heard them, here you go: http://www.myspace.com/theabsence
The Absence own. Can't wait for the new album.

Summoning the Darkness and Heaven Ablaze FTW.
Their music puts me in such a hyper mood. What specific genre are they out of curiousity?
Theys pretty good. I saw them live a while time back, like 2 years or so. Very catchy ATG rip-off band.
Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye...

Vaginal Destruction

^ Do you like sludgey stoner/doom? Well then you should try Vaginal Destruction
Love the guitars, the metalcore'ish vocals get annoying after a few songs. Solid band overall tho.
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When first saw this thread I thought abstinence, thats not a name a metal band would like to have.
1 of the few new bands I love, they pretty much own in the melodic division alongside Arsis in the U.S
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my name will be in the new album!!! woot!

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they really kick ass live, really tight, they pulled everything off perfectly. i saw them on the metal crusaders tour last summer. it was great