It's very generic and mediocre. Almost like The Killers trying to not be The Killers anymore.
I guess powerchord rock is cool. You guys are good at what you do, but it seems like there is just wayyyyy too much digital effects and crap floating around in your music.
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thanks for the comments so far guys

anymore? really appreciate what weve had so far!
Not bad. I liked Savior, but something is overboard on that track. I can't really place it but my ears were pleased and disturbed at the same time. Not my style of music, though I think it was well done.
thanks a lot for the crit so far! relaly constructive and helpful!

any more takers?
yea to me it sounds really good but theres just too many random effects over it, i think it would sound alot better if some of those sounds were taken off

did i scare you???
yeah i agree...make it less.....techno...it sounds like a mix between the killers and muse....i kinda like it though good job
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it sounds alright but i definately agree that theres a little too much of the effects.
which honestly, effects can make or break a man, so use them wisely.
the vocals could use work as well.
pretty good though. i'd enjoy hearing some polished up songs later on.
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thanks for the comment we are working on our new material in which we will put less emphasis on the effects and spend more time recording vocals

any more crit or comments?