My school had a film festival thing and I thought this was the best one so here it is. It doesn't get entertaining till about half way through. Try and watch the whole thing.


And to answer some questions before they get asked.
This video was made by a freshmen
They are skating at a middle school but they don't go there.
Chris is the pricipal for the highschool.
Filmed in Southern California.
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Lol, nice. I would have nailed that security guy with my board if I was there
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good. i like it. my favorite part is about 4 mins through and he's like.. 'i gave you my board.. how does that make me have an attitude.' haha great. you know some talented people.
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My favorite part is when he asks, "What am I signing for?" then the guy tells him it's to alert the highschool principal so he says "Well I don't want him to know cause I'll get in trouble, so I'm not gonna sign."
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it was amazing based solely on the fact that there is a postal service song in the background.

ok so now i actually watched it. and i thought it was very well made, and i like the concept. if this hasn't been said, where do you live?
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That was awesome, I'm not a skateboarder but I still that that was pretty cool.
but it aint house music that makes me want to dance.
Wow the security guard and principal were complete cunts. The guy didn't even know why he was getting them to write their names down.
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Yeah, don't know why that guy was being such a bitch. It's just skateboarding.
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