I just picked up a very slighlty used Fender 50th Anniversary Golden Strat at a Pawn shop today.

I bought it for $199 including a very nice tweed gig bag. It's made in Mexico and just found out that they sold for around $699 new in 2004.

I was thinking about trading it towards a USA Strat but the guitar sounds as good as any guitar I've ever played.

This guitar is obviously a collectible which was incorrectly priced as a regular basic MIM Strat at the pawn shop. I'm not into collectibles and was wondering whether this guitar is rare and will increase in value? It's an outrageous guitar!!
It's not rare but it probably will increase in value. The value of most instruments increase if given enough time.
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won't increase in value, but it'll hold value alright can probably sell it for $500~ or so give or take
Yup unless it is a sig guitar and the artist dies or it survived 20 years its value will go up like ****