I'm lookin into selling or trading my xbox with a bunch of accessories.

Xbox 1.0 w/ softmod including DVD-X2(dongle free dvd player), XBMC, and some other homebrew stuff
Translucent Green Controller S
Madcatz Wireless Controller
Homemade Action Replay(Doubles as 3rd controller)
Memory Card
HDTV Cables
Madcatz MC-2 Steering Wheel(used 4 times)
NFS Underground v2
ESPN NFL 2K5 with up-to-date rosters
MVP Baseball 2005 with up-to-date rosters
And a bunch of other games(Including complete romsets/emulators if I can find the dvds)

Just looking to see what kind of offers I can get for this. So let me know if you're interested, and what you'd be willing to give up.

I've seen far smaller packages go for $200 on Ebay, so I'm looking for something in that general area, or similar value.
Bump... I must say that I'm actually surprised nobody has offered anything. This will be my only bump though.