I've been looking at the two of these pieces of gear and I really liked them in the store when played separate but I don't know how they sound together yet. Any ideas if they are worth the money?

Peavey XXL 100 http://www.guitarcenter.com/shop/product/buy_peavey_xxl_100w_guitar_amp_head?full_sku=481356

Marshall 1960 4x12

IMO, the XXL isnt even worth half of what it costs. Im not a fan of that amp lol. But the Marshall 1960 cabs are awesome. You should check into used tube heads to do the cab any justice.
nevermind, i'm editing this cause i was wrong. it must have been used for 600. its 1200 new on GC's website.
yeah, ebay, or maybe craigslist, or your local guitar shop might have a used one. guitar center also has a link to an auction site for used gear. ebay is probably your best bet though.