ok i have a squier guitar and a Carlsbro keyboard amp!! Its a big amp and really powerful but the only effect it has is reverb.

Ive never used pedals or any effects and this is the only amp ive ever had.

I want to get sounds like ACDC, Blink 182, RHCP etc....Im not too pushed about the quality of the sounds.

Should i get a new amp like a roland microcube or should i get one of those multi effect pedal things???

I would highly recomend NOT getting one of thos cheap mulit effect pedals. If your buying a pedal go for quality. Try http://www.bossus.com/ then look around for a pedal that suits your needs and then look around for one
Well...I suggest either getting a new amp, or a new guitar first. The amp will be most of your tone, and since it's a keyboard amplifier, it wont give you too great of sound.

Once you've done that, or even if you don't, definately look into some multi-effects pedals. Zoom pedals are fairly cheap, and the sound reflects that. but if you're using it just to experiment with some effects, they're good for that, and not too expensive.

By the way, what's your budget?
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budget is roughly €100

Im not too pushed about the sound quality
If you want a cheap fix in terms of getting some distortion then go for a Boss SD-1 or maybe the OS-2 if you want to shell out another tenner or so for a bit more versatility- you'll be much better off looking for a new amp, but you ain't gonna get one for 100 euros
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Check out the Digitech RP series. Yes they are multi-effect, but they are amazing once you get some user-made presets in there. I currently have a RP 200A and soon I'm going to get a RP 350.
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not too pushed about the sound quality? why? i dont see why you wouldnt. if you got new gear, isnt that the point of it?


new amp first.
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