Ok my two guitar choices are a Jackson RR3, and a Jackson KVX10 (Japanese made King V) I want to know, if there is a big difference between them, making my money lead towards one or the other. Can someone tell me which one they think I should get? Please no bullshit answers, I get enough of those.


body, control knobs, pickups, hardware....
i agree, the RR3 has the better PU's
I'd definitely go for the RR3, mainly because the KV has the Duncan Designed pickups instead of the actual SDs and it looks like it has the crappy FR from the cheap models.
Yeah, I went into GC today and I played it an just finally fell in love with it. I just need more money. Would you guys advise me to sell my LTD F-50? I dont like it and it will be ritired once i get the RR3