hey guys, i've starting to look at fenders, but only mexicans, and the highway 1 are in my price range.

Talking to one of my 2 guitar teacher today, he bought a second hand USA a few months back for about $1000AU.

He said the MIM's are a bit hit and miss, you get some crap ones or some gems....

the highway 1 was his reccomendation if not a second hand american, otherwise he said try out heaps and find a good one.

There is a second hand fender strat, a bit battered on the paint (makes character i guess) and was a USA.

I just want to make sure what to look for and to verify its realness.

I've been told so far to check for the .'s in between the USA, so Made in U.S.A or what not.

What else do i do? and if i get the serial code could that help me look up the specs of it?

If its a USA of some sort, does that put it ahead of the MIM's?

Its for sale for $1200AU, but i could probably get that down to about $1000 if i tried.

The mexicans are $800 and the deluxe players is $1200, with the highway one being about $1350....

i'm not sure what the classics are priced at but i'd imagine around $1300.

So any tips or advice guys? and what to look for and ask?
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go for a second hand usa but make sure it plays as well as an american should
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ok, i've memorised the different means of telling what the serial code means, and that N comes infront of the mexicans serials... well yeah.

I'm going to try and go for the 2nd hand USA i saw, even though the colour didnt really do it for me... it was a like a darkish blue, and looked like a different sort of finish to your other solid colour finishes... like it didnt look like a hard "shell" finish.
Peavey 5150ii w/ Marshall 1960DM cab