Metal Metalcore song in standard i was messin about with, have a look, throw me some suggestions, and yeah......

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Great song. I think maybe you should add one more guitar track to give the song more depth. Maybe like a heavy overdriven guitar strumming the chords in the background. The solo was very impressive. Also i really like the drum fills. Oh yeah i have two songs on here so....
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You have some decent sounding stuff, but it gets very boring with the continious attack of 8th notes, throw in some hammer ons, pulloffs, slides, rests, maybe some triplets etc to make it more lively. parts of the solo sounded really good.

i have a tab around here if you wanna check it out.
the guitars are pretty good
solo is decent but could be longer
also work on the drums they get boring sice it seems like its the same thing the whole time
otherwise its a decent song
Sounded good, but IMO most metalcore songs sound a bit more... aggressive I'd say. Perhaps put some variety in in the note lengths, it sounds restrained with it all in eighths. And maybe some more palm muting for variety. But I liked it though, nice solo aswell.
yeah it was just a first piece, and first attempt at making a solo just gettin used to using guitar pro. ive just written a pile of new riffs in drop d so i'll maybe start another one soon, which will be alot better, if you could post your links ill listen to yours but i would be able to post till the weekend as im up on university computers so no downloading files until i get home.
The drums bothered me as they were pretty much a basic beat over and over. There was some cool guitar work in there, but a lack of variety kind of bored me a little. The solo was pretty good and was the first bit of variety I had really heard in the song. That part was really good, but the rest was a little bland, maybe repeat less and add more variety. 7/10
I think the drums made it a bit bland, the repeated bass/snare got a little boring after a while. I enjoyed the solo, and most of the guitarwork a lot actually, but as someone said, add some different note lengths in there to add some variety. Overall, good job, solid song.
i know my notes were all eighths in that, i have different picking patterns when i play it its just when i put them into guitar pro i always end up messing up the timings and end up with red bars so i just left them as 8ths once i get used to GP more i can fix it up. i know the drums sucked i just added them last thing just to have them with no real effort it was more of just a test how to used guitar pro as i never really used it before, but my next song is half finished and the drums i have on it are alot better and actually add to teh song, but again i have no bass as i've never played it, but ill get it up soon, im very pleased with it so far thanks for all your crits, if you have any pieces up post a link and ill check them out.
Yeah it sounded good, but it lacked drive if you know what i mean, the guitar parts were solid but the drums didn't really back them up, leaving a kind of weak feeling to it. However if you just added a more powerful drum beat to it (it isn't actually as hard as it seems), it would solve the problem.
The intro riff was awesome. There was nothing wrong with that, apart from the drums mentioned.
The verse riff was, well, meh. Bars 23-24 had some potential to start a good riff but bars 25-26 just killed it really.
The chorus riff was great aswell, except when you moved everything down a string, it just brought an unnecessary 'gap' in the piece due to the large jump. If you wanted to make it sound higher i would suggest moving it up a third instead of a fourth, it would eliminate the 'space' feel.
The breakdown, the last two bars were great but i felt the first two bars were sort of 'fillers', they didn't seem to have any direction towards them, but this is just my opinion.
The pre-solo part would sound great if you got rid of the clashes between the two guitars. Like bar 80, there is a clash as two notes are right next to each other in the C Major scale, but if you just move the first guitars part up to the 8th fret like the next bar it would sound 'Musically' right.
There was some clashes in the first bar of the solo, but the rest was just plain awesome. I am a big fan of sweep picking . But i did feel it ended a bit sudden. I would say avoid ending the solo with an ascending sweep, but end it with a descending one with a sustained note at the bottom. That would work here very well IMO.
Solo interlude: great, great lead-up to the second solo.
Second Solo: Great, but i didn't really like bar 105, Seems like you were just shredding for the hell of it. But the rest was great.

Sorry for the lateness of the crit btw
yeah really good. the riffs are nice and catchy, sounds really caustic, like traditional as i lay dying/ killswitch stuff. good job 8.5/10 ? BUT yeah try adding in some triplets for pedal notes maybe, harmonize it a bit more would be good!
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