Since this song is so catchy and I think its a good tune I did what i could remember, its just chords and me singing. Pretty short, pretty crappy, but it was fun, very fun actually cause this song brings back memories so I put this on here for the sake of entertainment so enjoy. Link in sig
anybody wanna put anything here just let me know
Its good tone, your voice. My opnly problem is i had to turn my speakers WAAAY up to be able to hear it, your other songs are decent volume.
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Well, I won't comment on the guitar because it's just a basic progression. However, you voice is quite monotonous and you go out of key in the chorus. It wasn't a bad cover, but it could be better. Also, why not arpeggiate the chords like The Calling do in the song?
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yeah.. that was quite poor!
the picking pattern is actually pretty easy to play and it would make it sound A LOT better.
Lyrics were weak too.
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