I'm lookin for an easy way to add drums and bass to my home recordings. Anyone know of any good loop/sample cd's or anything I can download or buy??? (especially for drums, complete with fills etc. bass can wait.)
acoustica beatcraft is good
kinda complicated but really good, a hint, read the instructions!
i didnt
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yeah thats good if you wanna take the time to progam your own beats...

im just lookin for loops, complete with fills.

you know, the quick fix, easy way out, etc......
I hear fruity loops is good although I have never used it myself.
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Yea, I'm really looking for a way to use drum loops also. I have ProTools 7.1 and Live Lite 4 for M-Audio and I really need to find some loops that I can use since I don't have enough microphones for good drum recording.