I've heard the name Roland Cube several times. Everywhere I go, if there's an amp involved, I hear either a full marshall stack or roland cube.

So I was thinking of getting a Roland Cube 15 for my friend's first decent amp. He's only played little 6W amps out of starter packages.

Any feedback on this particular amp model?
If you can save a bit and get the 30 watt i'd recommend that over the 15 watt, it just has a better sound to it than the 15, and it'll be useful for alot longer.

It shouldn't be a part of the "cube" series because doesn't have any amp models or effects.

The microcube is wayyyyyyyyy better.
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Well at the moment I just want a little amp my friend can practice on that doesn't sound like crap. So it all depends on the pricing, whatever's cheapest. As long as it aint muddy and sounds pretty smooth on both clean and distortion channels.
The microcube, cause is a little practice amp with many effects and its can work on batteries. So, even when your friend need to get something bigger or more wattage, the microcube will still be useful cause of its portability.
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