http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/GUITAR-EFFECT-PEDAL-POWER-SUPPLY-boss-bcb-3-6-60-bcb6_W0QQitemZ320078942073QQihZ011QQcategoryZ22669QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem hi i need a pedal board, and i was thinking of what i need to make one myself.
i saw this on ebay, and was wondering would i only need the board with this power thing, or would i need something else. thanks.
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Thats only for powering your pedals (which I am ssuming you already knew). But what does a power supply have to do with making a pedal board? I just dont really see how you buying a boss daisy chain power cord will effect your building it.
no, not affect me building it. pedalboards aren't cheap and i was wondering if i can get a board and get the powersupply n leads seperately. apart from the board, which has nothing electrical about it, what else would i need? Just the leads and that power supply in the link at the top?
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Basically. The link showed a deal with leads already attached so basically you would just buy that, hook your pedals up with it, connect them with patch cables, and mount them to the board using velcro or whatever. But yeah, you can buy the board and powersupplies seperately. I built my board and bought my power supply. Im just waiting on my daisy chain to come in so I dont have a bunch of power cords running from it.
yeah. buy that, build the board, cover it in carpet, put the hook-end of velcro on the bottom of the pedals, and voila. a pedalboard!
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i also like the idea of building the board out of a case of some kind. i had mine in the lid of an old hardshell bass case before the rig got too big for it. just measure the inside lid, put the carpet-covered plywood or whatever down there, take off the hinges and attach a couple more locks on it and you're all set.
i use a guitrar case for my board and then i have a true bypasser just on the floor

get a 1spot instead its the same thing and has a bunch of adapters for anby kind of pedal
or if you want get the dunlop DCbrick. if your looking for a nice cheap pedal board look at the furmans or apedal snake.

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I just used some plywood I found around the house to build mine. It cost me $60 for the velcro to cover the whole thing, but it was much better than spending a couple hundred on a board smaller than the one I made.
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Wood, maybe paint or covering for it, and velcro.

I'm gonna' build my new board once I get my Deluxe Memory Man...

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