I've just about decided to hang up my six string bass and sell all my stuff to buy a nice acoustic. The problem is, I can't find the one I want. I've searched all over the net, but can't get anything, so I figured I would ask for some help from the Acoustic forum.

Ok, so I know that I want a cutaway, definitely. Also, I want it to be a full acoustic. I'd rather not have and pickups or 1/4 jacks or anything. I'd prefer a jumbo size one if possible. And I'd like to keep it under a grand.

Now it would be an otherwise easy task for me to go to my local guitar shop and play some guitars and find one that matches all those specs, but I have one extra requirement for this acoustic. I want seven strings.

I seem to remember seeing a seven string acoustic (pretty sure it was either Washburn or Ibanez) in a Musiciansfriend a while back, but I haven't found one since then. I'm set on getting a seven string acoustic, I'm just having a really hard time finding one. If anyone has any information about where one is, any online stores that I can buy at I would be forever indebted to them.
I did a net search and the only 7 string guitars I could find were Classical or Electric.
1/2 my brain tied behind my back, just to make it fair.
^Yeah, thats all I ever got too. I'm 100% positive that Washburn or Ibanez made a steel string 7 string acoustic at one point though.