we got you bro. we are in need of a lead guitar in rocky mount. main influences would be job for a cowboy. through the eyes of the dead, the red chord, as blood runs black, all shall perish. currently it is just me and randy. randy on drums, im on vocals right now. randy is crazy on the drums, my vocals are pretty close between guy from the red chord and nate johnson(newtteotd) with alot of the breecore stuff added in. hit me up if your interested
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Ok, so I live in Raliegh, I'm 15 (coming up on 16) and am looking for or looking to start a metal band, preferably not so much metalcore but w/e. Anyway I already have some **** recorded, so take a look at it www.myspace.com/westesband

Respond in this thread or PM me if you are interested.

I checked out ur music on my space, the music is awesome.
keep it up & be willing to try new ****. you will do fine.