I'm wanting to buy an ESP F-250. As most know they only come in titanium and black, however I saw a picture of one that was painted blue. I'm wanting one in a green burst form, or solid green (not a lime color). Does anyone have any idea as to if there is a way to obtain one other than having one custom made or removing the current paint job and painting it myself?
dont get that guitar, other than the looks its not that great. trust me it was my first guitar. i should have gotten the ibanez s 470, and so should u
what was wrong with the f-250 than taking a day to change and tune strings?
Also: does anyone know of any green burst guitars..I was also considering one made by kramer.
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ask santa claus and his dwarves will get you one... [/sarcasm]

I doubt you can get a specific color if they're not making it, you don't want a costumized guitar and you don't want to paint it yourself either... sorry :S
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