I had recorded this song before but only a silly little acoustic version. I got my dad to play drums and a bass player...which made it a lot heavier. The vocals aren't perfect because I had to record the main ones all in one take. but i like it nonetheless. c4c?

I really like this, very catchy, vocals suited the song very well. The mix was pretty well done. 8.5/10

And thanks for the crit.
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yeah thanks for crit first... Yeah this kinda rocked, you could maybe arrange it slightly better, the verse especially sounds brilliant. Very good job, The chorus is the only thing that i don't like so much but the rest is great. Sounds ready for better recording and fame
i like the strumming pattern on the verses and it took a while for the vocals to grow on me...but they sound good in the end, nice job
thats a pretty cool song, good work. the vocals work well with the rest of the song and sound pretty good.
thanks for the crits...yeah I'm hoping to eventually go to the studio to record my songs. right now I'm just using a multitrack.
You've got a really nice song here. catchy guitar parts and vocal melodies. Saying that, I think the song is ruined by the way you're singing. It's obvious from listening that you really can sing! So why sing in that strange voice? It sounds like you're trying really hard to put on a voice and imitate something else. Don't try to sound like something you're not, try and find your own sound. Sing with a bit more power and be yourself. It really will improve this so so much!
Hope this helps

take a look at mine if you can
I know what you're saying but I think its just a style preference. I can't and don't expect everyone to like my voice. but I'm really not trying to imitate something else. I don't know I just sing like that.
Some timing issues in the beginning, but overall a cool intro.

The vocals sound awkward at first, but then sound much much better as the song goes along.

I like the guitar break a lot.

Good stuff!
they're all really good. the drums are off on some of them but thats just recording issues
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