As with many guitarists I struggle ridiculously with singing and playing at the same time. Since I'm not part of a band this is a skill I would like to work on. I find myself playing songs perfectly when I don't try to sing them but as soon as I open my mouth my rhythym takes a turn for the worse. Does anyone have any suggestions or practice methods for becoming better at this?
You just have to practice it directly. It's a bitch and its frustrating but youll get through it.
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I couldn't do it before either but you will get the hang of it. Practise even if it doesn't seem like its working. After about an hour of straight practising trying to sing and play a riff you should start to get it. Try learning some Jack Johnson, they are pretty straight forward and they got me started.
ok, definitly it just takes time, ive been playing arounda year, and i can play and sing some songs at the same time...

just practice easy songs, i think the first song i learned to play while singing was sweet dreams by marylin manson, dunno if u like that stuff, but it was easy for me...Keep practicing
I find that just playing it through and singing in your head helps a bit with getting timing down. I mean, the best way is just to keep trying and keep improving every time.
I would say focus on one song and one song only when you're first trying to get singing down. I started singing with wonderwall since it's very easy to play and has a basic rhythm. Once you have the rhythm down on guitar, try singing the words in your head or humming along. Keep playing the rhythm until it feels like you could do it in your sleep. Try playing and singing along while listening to the cd. Just keep at it and you'll get it. I'm certainly not excellent but I can now sing and play at the same time. It's pretty easy once you get that first song down.
humm the song out loud like ur singing in ur head but humming it. itll help you get the tones right then you can move to turning the humming into the actual words.

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humm the song out loud like ur singing in ur head but humming it. itll help you get the tones right then you can move to turning the humming into the actual words.


That helped me.
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You're just thinking about one or the other too much. You have to learn to proportion your thought process with both singing and guitar. It's annoying, but you'll get the hang of it after a while.
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Practice, practice and then practice again. You will get it in the end. I had problems by holding my breath at times during certain songs (I didn't realise I was til the good wife pointed it out!). Try to get your breathing easy and regular whilst playing, sounds obvious but it'll help...
alright dude i have the same problem its a total bitch and a half to work through it but like learning a song you can only screw up so many times b4 u get it the first songs i could play and sing was 1.ironman-black sabbath 2.paranoid-black sabbath 3.rockin in the free world-neil young and nirvana and metallica songs are good to start with too

The only song I've been able to play and sing at the same time was The Best of Me by The Starting Line.... I really don't like that band, the song's ok. The ladies love it, so it's a good one to learn. The rythm is similar to the way you're supposed to sing, making it easier to coordinate.
It helps to play and sing along with a recording if you have one
I was never able to get the hang of it so I use multitracking to accomplish the same goal. It works just fine as long as you don't plan on doing live performances.
check out everything changes by staind.... the vocals do a good job of keeping different pitch than the acoustic rythm part but it still fits together well... and I can honestly tell you that the best way to learn is to either
1. learn the guitar part to a point that you could play it with both hands tied behind your back while you were sleeping
2. learn the vocals to a point that you could sing them in your sleep with a muzzle over your mouth

here is what I do....
basically focus on one or the other and get it down to a point where I can play it without thinking about it at all, then all I have to do is pay attention to the singing and my hands will automatically play the song for me

you get better at it over time as well, it will become easier and easier then one day you will be just singing and playing and singing and playing and somebody will finally tell you to shut the hell up.... ; ) anyhoo, I hope this helps.... later
I had this problem 6 months ago. I was playing On An Island by David Gilmour (only the main chord progression Em-Am-Cmaj7-Bm-B) and the singing just somehow worked. After that I started learning easy songs to sing along with like Strip My Mind by RHCP.
I used to stink at it. This may not be the best method but I locked myself in my room for 3 hours until I could do. Worst three hours but now every song I want I just do that and the deed is done!