So, today, at band practice
we finally reached the conclusion , that i need a new amp, they are tired of dealing with the ancient 30 watt crate i play through.
the other guitarist, has a halfstack, and i played through it, and its pretty nice, and its in my price range ( under $600US )

if I stand and just listen, the 2 of them are pretty damn loud, so I was wondering what would be a better thing to go for, halfstack, or combo ( suggestions welcome )

it depends on what you want to play. If you play metal, you can get a randall half stack in that price range. If its anything else, get a tube combo.
Both have pros and cons. Frequently visit this forum for a few days. You will know them well. IMO, Under $600 is too little for a decent half stack. I suggest a used tube combo, just as many others will.
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If you go used you can get a decent half stack for $600. Just gotta look around for a deal. I got my randall head for $150 and the cab was like $350.
i've seen 6505 halfstacks go for under $700 used with the cab. the combo is only around $500 used. look used, you'll get lotsa stuff.
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First, definitely go used. Second, in general, tube halfstack>tube combo if you can afford it, but tube combo>>>>>SS halfstack. What kind of music do you usually play? If it's just metal, go for a Peavey 5150 or 6505 (they're the same amp). Otherwise, look at B-52s AT series and Carvin's MTS series.
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tube combo>>>>>SS halfstack.

Not true in all situations. Try to find a tube amp that sounds as tight as an older randall rg___es. They are insane for MOST metal. just depends on exactly what he wants to play.