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12 28%
Not Mushy
31 72%
Voters: 43.
so, which is it- mushy peas or not mushy?

EDIT: if you have to eat them. not at all isn't a choice.
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Not mushy. If its mushy you should stop masturbating.

Oh corniness..........
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sweet. i'm winning!
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Cheap amps are "that bad". They suck up your tone like cocaine at Kate Moss' party.

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yup same here
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Raw dude, fresh off the plant. Raw peas are actually really good. Sweet. Or frozen, frozen vegetables taste good.
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Mushy peas pwns u all
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Whats a chavs favoriute meal? .... MUSHY PEAS !!!
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Peas are awesome.

Anyways, I don't like mushy peas... like say they've been done really soggy and stuff... that sucks.

They gotta be halfway there. Not hard and crunchy and all that, soft still - but not too squishy or else the texture is yech.

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Whats a chavs favoriute meal? .... MUSHY PEAS !!!

Come again?
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NOT MUSHY! My mum eats them and they make me want to projectile vomit.
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Not mushy. Mushy peas are gross.
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