Randy Rhoads
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Randy Rhoads would ahve been better had he not died so young
edit: Randy was way better, RIP
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EVH. did more things for guitar, revolutionized it. RR introduced a new technique or two, but nothing that great.

*im VERY aware EVH didnt invent two-handed tapping.
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lol yeah
but he did popularize it
besides the point though

i cant decide at all who i like more

its tuff as hell haha

i think randy wrote alot of better stuff but technique wise-evh is god
randy rhoads is the man evh is really good dont get me wrong but i like randys stuff with ozzy more it just has something extra t it. its like evh just is trying to play the hardest shit he can think of or just doing wut ever pops in his head (ie eruption) and randy was a classical player so he did incorperate that in his playing and i feel he was better RIP
I Like Them both but I like Randy better
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Were Randy still here he would have surpassed van halen long long ago.
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I haven't listened to very much of Randy Rhoads, so I'm going to go with Eddie Van Halen.

While my opinion isn't very reflexive of who is the better guitarists, I can state, despite my lack of listening to Randy, that Eddie, as a whole, has had a much larger impact on the guitarist community than Randy.

Even though Eddie was definitely not the first to incorporate tapping into his music, for example, he was definitely the one who started to use it often enough that other guitarists influenced by him did as well.
Uh, both? Let's think about their approach to music itself and life, as well as their guitar playing. Musically: Randy was a teacher who brought beautiful and copious amounts of classical and baroque music into his playing, as well as showing others how to use technique tastefully in addition to melody in order to give us the beauty of his genius. EVH also brought some classical influence in, but not to the same extent...however, he did things on electric guitar the most of his time thought impossible and lead the way for that kind of guitar playing. They both wrote amazing songs and played solos that touched the mind as well as the heart and inspired many to rip. That cannot be taken away from either.

As far as their contributions to things that went along with their guitar playing, but are technically separate: Randy showed others the importance of personality and being a good person. He cared about other players, and gave them everything he had ALWAYS. He was a fantastic person as well as player and he gave until the day he died. EVH, while lacking decency in some ways, showed everyone what it was to have fun with music...that it is not just some dick boosting and constantly serious art form. He showed others how to smile, as well as how to "not practice", but to "play and have fun". He made guitar playing fun all over again.

Both had their faults, but did not let those faults consume and destroy them (you can make an argument for EVH, but I disagree and save that for a different debate). They both love playing guitar and more importantly, MAKING MUSIC. Because of this, I have a hard time putting one before the other.
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honestly i dont think you can compare them because Randy was a metal guitarist where Eddie was a hard rock guitarist...similar genres...but still very diffierent...i like them both really
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Randy Rhodes definately
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EVH. did more things for guitar, revolutionized it. RR introduced a new technique or two, but nothing that great.

*im VERY aware EVH didnt invent two-handed tapping.

Yeah.. No. Randy was much better. Van Halen just got famous'er.
Hard decision becuase evh invented alot of new stuff and Randy was just such a great player.

I will go for Randy becuase i like his style more