any1 know the pickups Kurt Cobain, Kirk Hammett, Pete Townshend, Slash, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy Page, and Johnny Ramone used? where?
lol every one of them have a different pickup..

Kurt and Hendrix probably used stock pickups in there fenders.
Slash i thing used a 59 duncan and jazz
kirk used mostly EMg's
and im not sure about the rest..
i mean which ones they used idividually, just want a broad idea nothing to speciific
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They all used different ones I'd say... Maybe Jimi, Jimmy, and Pete used similar ones...

You funny. Jimi used stock STRAT pickups and Jimmy had a Les Paul... yeah with HUMBUCKERS.
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slash uses a Alnico II Pro seymourduncan pickup but i'm not sure which
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Kurt Cobain used Seymour Duncan SH-4 JB's (TB-4) in almost all of his guitars. There were the occasional S.D. Hot Rails in Strats and a competition Mustang. In one of his Jaguars there was a Dimarzio Super-Distortion in the bridge and Dimarzio PAF in the neck, but even this was replaced with a JB in the bridge.
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Kurt used DiMarzio pickups, especially in his Mustang.

Oh, well as far as Cobains gear I bought a Guitar World issue back in like 97 that interviewed his guitar tech and basically broke down all the gear he used from the beginning to the end. It also had a whole different article dispelling a lot of the myths and misinformation about his gear, like the one about Dimarzios in Mustangs. But I came across a website that you could look at that is based almost entirely off of this article. www.kurtsequipment.com - It has the most accurate info.