I saw the Tupac Song on youtube a few days ago (linked from UG) and added it to favorites. i clicked on the Favorites link for it a few minutes ago and its been removed, same for every other Chappelle's Show clip. I wanna hear it again Discuss
When all else fails, ask the pit.
it was about how Tupac's lyrics were about things after he died.

"If you hit the table again the record might skip-might skip. I told you!"

"She has a pooty stain on the back of her shirt, watch out it might be DOO DOO"

"And Dave Chappelle, that aint your wife"
When all else fails, ask the pit.
here are some good tupac songs u might like
California love
Ghetto Gospel-feat. Elton John
Hail Mary
Thugs Mansion
Thugs Mansion-fear Nas Acoustic
Hit em Up
Aint mad at ya
Dear mama
That's a great skit. Haven't seen it in forever.

Found it.


"I wrote this song a long time ago."
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