Hello everyone i wrote this song the other day and I was happy enough with it so i decided to do a simple acoustic recording of it. If you could please give me some feedback that would be greatly appreciated. Oh and i'll happily crit your work.

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This has a pretty good feel to it. I like the chord progression and your vocals are decent. Watch when you sing really low though it kind of sounds like you are barely hanging on to the lower notes. and sometimes the higher ones sound stressed. I like the accentty thing and the tone you have going on though.

crit mine?
not bad man yoru voice isnt bad adn th eplayign is nicew. What did you use to record? YOu shoudl use a dynamic mic to get a fuller sound out of your guitar
this is pretty spicy no lie. chord prog is really nice. vocals are pretty good. i like it. the guitar and the quality of the recording good stuff. there are a few places like the other guy said. where your voice fails a bit. but just keep the singing in your range and your good to go. my only problem with this song was the end. where you get a bit too emotional and start screaming. lolz. i just dont like that part. it gets too out of control. and kind of ruined it for me. but keep it up. i liked it.

heres some of mine.
Thanks alot guys for the crits. To record i was using this optimus mic, it was all live so i was recording both guitar and vocals at the same time with one mic.
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Masturbate. A lot. Seriously.

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Any more feedback?

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Masturbate. A lot. Seriously.

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I really liked the progression in the song, it conveys a kind of sad-but-happy kinda thing; Your voice is actually pretty decent, kind of nasaly :-) But still; I like this kind of music and it kept me listening; Did you record that live(i.e. did you play the guitar AND sing, at the same time, while you recorded)?

^yes i did and thankyou very much for the crit.
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Sound good man, liked the flow, i agree about the low and high thing, just try and keep it down if you can

Apart from that, nice song

https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=524692 that's mine if you get a chance, cheers
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Thanks alot guys. I'll try to work on some stuff and maybe repost...
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very good chord progression, the vocals were ok, needed a lil more work, try not to throw your voice around as much but still sounded ok, keep it up

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