Im looking to buy a new guitar and one of my choices is a Fender Jazzmaster. I already have a strat and a tele. I like to play rock, classic rock, RHCP, things along those lines. Im not into metal. Just wondering if anyone has any info. on these guitars and if they are good or not. Also, one of my other choices is a PRS swamp ash. Which is better? Thanks.
they are both really good sounding guitars, but PRS's feel great

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Jazzmasters take a bit of getting used to, but there ultra comfortable.
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PRS are crap in my opinion if u wanta classic rock sound. also the jazz is great for putting loads of a overdrive on too (see a new zealand band called Die! Die! Die!-their more punk but have listen just for his guitar sounds). pair with a fender tube or something similar.
Incubus' Mike Einziger uses a Jazzmaster....

so yeah, you can do metal and rock...