mine makes a pop noise when i switch it off and i was wondering if it is normal for an amp to do that. It is a rather loud pop and some static to.
I don't really know, but my tube amp does that. My solid-states don't, though. So it might be a thing with tubes.
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It's common on alot of amps... there's nothing wrong with it but you might want to turn the volume on the amp down before turning it off.
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omg once a week this thread get posted lol... turn your volume down before you shut it off and turn it down before you turn it on ...ALL THE WAY DOWN
Mine pops everytime and nothing has ever happened. I never turn it down before turning it off.
My tube amp pops and crackles if i turn off the amp completely right after playing. I avoid it by switching the amp to standby for like 20 seconds before completely turning it off
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