its basically a fuzz pedal
ma man in the guitar shop this does sound better than a big muff but if anyone has one then feedback would be good on some sweet settings to get a real classic rock sound

i play a epi junior through fender tube
DO NOT BUY BEHRINGER STUFF!! bad idea. Crappily built. Go for the big muff or metal muff, its great for classic rock.
I have a few behringer pedals.
There are fine, not amazing, but good.
Remember also, the standard stomp boxes are like £20, so they aren't going to be magic.
I like Behringer stuff.
Although, I have heard that that pedal is a bit crap like.
Go for a marshall GV-2, they are amazing, you could probably get one for like £30.......
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i have a VD-1
Volume: 5
Tone: 4-6
Sustain: 3-5

it sounds crunchy to me, so i think thats good for classic rock
but tweak with tone and sustain knobs, and just play with what you like.
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