I wanted to know what some really positive bands/songs are.
Iv been listening to some stuff by The Offspring
And Bowling For Soup.

But its just cuz i used to listen to "emo" music
and i think its getting really crapy now

And has made me depressed..damn, Hawthorne Heights haha

So what are some bands (classic, metal, alternitive, etc.)
With positive messages in their music?
Don't listen to BOWLING FOR SOUP!! DONT!!!! Listen to the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand,
I've actually found metal to be positive. Others may look at it as negative, but I found that it gives you an overall positive feeling. When I listen to metal I no longer care what people think and it helps channel out any depression, anger, or frustrations. I'm talking about more extreme metal genres though and not the stuff that MTV likes to call metal.
What you may not realise is that there is actually a type of music refered to as positive hardcore or "posi," so some people might think you mean that. Just so you know.


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postal service was pretty positive...
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Quote by Whatley2212
Don't listen to BOWLING FOR SOUP!! DONT!!!! Listen to the Arctic Monkeys and Franz Ferdinand,

Whats wrong with BFS?

They're great
^ i'm not really a fan of BFS, but they're better than those 2 shit bands Whatley mentioned
listen to anything ska if you want something to cheer you up
Reel Big Fish (funny stuff, really upbeat (like most ska))
The Toasters
Less Than Jake
The RX Bandits
Catch 22
The Mighty Might Bosstones
(older) Goldfinger
The Suicide Machines

or yea, metal and punk are generally good for letting anger out and making you feel better (but that's just what I found)