ok, ive been playing all this easy stuff for ages (like nirvana etc.). and i want to learn to play more technically or whatever. i want to learn scales on my electric guitar, but i dont know how the hell to read them.

i also dont know if i am practising correctly, i dont seem to get any better. should i have a routine? how long should i practise? what should i practise? are there any warm ups i can use that will help me increase my picking speed and accuracy?

please guys i need some help!!
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Just practice. a lot. a good routine (for just starting to get serious anyways) is
10 minutes warm up (scales, riffs, chords, anything to break in the fingers)
30 minutes speed drills (chromatics, variations of those chromatics, ascending and descending scales)
30 minutes songs (pick your favorite songs and learn them)
Jam, for really any length of time

As far as scales go, spend a good chunk of time reading on theory. read the theory with guitar in hand, then practice it. This all may get monotonous, but it will build your skills a lot.
The metronome is your best friend.

Also read the article in my sig, I think it tells you how to read scaels. If not, search scales in lessons.

The first scale you should learn is the minor pentatonic. Learn all five shapes and then learn the major and natural minor scales. Then harmonic minor and the modes of the major scale. Learn these all over the fretboard and learn the names of the notes all over the fretboard.

Thats a lot to learn and could take years (It won't if you're really serious), stick with it.
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Read some good practice routine lessons, and scales lessons here on UG, and purchase a Metronome. The Metronome is vital. Just keep practicing with it, like simple stuff as 1-2-3-4 chromatics, and Pentatonic scales, etc.