Super cool guitars played by the Ventures and Johnny Ramone, p-90 pickups, cool body, real deal Mosrites are very expensive now.

However there are some reproductions types available.

Wilson Bros (the dudes from the Ventures, this is the model I'd go with)
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real Mosrites cost a crapload, there was a blue one at my local guitar shop that was all beat hell and it was still $1500. They sound killer though, great vintage rock sound.
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Mosrites are sweet guitars. I've never played one, you don't see many around and at the moment can't afford one. They are very cool looking, but are not being made any more so the real deal Mosrites are not cheap. Univox made copies with the Hi-Flyer or Hi-Flier. Has both P-90 and humbucker versions - cheaper but Kurt Cobain used them so even these are being bought up. Google Semie Mosely - he was the founder and builder of Mosrite. Theres not a whole lot of info on Mosrites, and theres alot of misinformation out there about them. Check out http://www.tymguitars.com.au/mosriteinfo_myths_01.html
get an Eastwood Hi-Flyer

they look the same. play the same. and come in cooler colors.

and theyre less than half the price.
Eastwood has the HI FLYER which is a copy of the Univox Mosrite model, I own one of these and I am quite happy with it
Eastwood also makes a more direct copy called the Side Jack which is also cool
Then they have a copy of TOKAI'S version of the Mosrite called the Hummingbird which is a bit more radical.
Great guitars set up right out of the box, good company and personal service, check the demo pages for shop played guitars for good deals or e bay for blems
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