Hey guys, I've had my guitar since christmas (minus 2-3 weeks of a broken string somewhere in January, I replaced it Wednesday) anyway, i've decided its time to get serious and learn how to play, I've been trying to learn and i'm having some problems with terminology, hopefully you guys can help me out:



Power Chords?
EMG is a brand of pickup, everyone says that they usually cater to heavy metal-type sounds.

an octave is 8 full steps up or down from a relative note. The note basically sounds the same. For example, hit your low E string open, then hit your D string on the 2nd fret. That's an octave right there. You can kind of hear how they sound similar in a way. Also, the 12th fret on your fretboard is one octave above the open note of that string.

a power chord is where you use the 1st, 5th, and sometimes 8th degree (1st note an octave above). ACDC almost exclusively uses power-chords, so that's kind of the sound they make. So that would be like playing your low E string open (1st degree note), then your A string on the second fret (a B note, the 5th degree note). You can move that chord-shape up and down your fretboard as you please, depending on what key you're playing in.
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EMG is a company that makes pickups.
An octave contains one of each note.
A power chord is a '5' chord. It's ambiguous (not major, not minor). play the root note and then go 1 string down and 2 frets up.

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An EMG is a brand of pickups.

An octave is the eighth note in a scale. (essentially the first note also)

Power chords are 5th chords played usually with the root and the fifth. Sometimes the octave can be added to make it a 3 string power chord.
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EMGs are a brand of pickup. EMGs are suited to heavy metal.
Powerchords are the chords with a root note and a few others and arent usually over more than 4 strings. they are the ones that look like:



or even just two notes like

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Thanks guys, im pretty much going at this blind, I had no music experience before, never played an instrument in my life...
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Thanks guys, im pretty much going at this blind, I had no music experience before, never played an instrument in my life...

In that case, I recommend starting off with some theory about different degrees of a scale, how those notes change depending on the key of the song, and about modes and how they relate to the degrees of the scale. There's tons of stuff on the Lessons section of the website.

You probably don't even need to get into chords until you at least have a basic understanding of scales. But that's just my advice, take it or leave it.
New Rush album in 2007! Can't wait!