I've been thinking of doing videos for certain parts of my songs to stick on youtube to get some exposure, so I thought I'd share the first one...

Buried At Your Feet (Guitar Solo)

Just as a reference, here's the thread from when I first posted the song on here:

Anyways, how does the solo sound overall? Does it fit to the rest of the track? The bit at the end was improv, thought I might as well leave it in there
it was pretty good but I think you need to work on the hammer ons and pull offs during the end there otherwise it sounded great to me.
Wow that was pretty kickass dude. The last improv part was a bit iffy, but still good.

Keep it up!

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Your phrasing sounds like anyone else I can think of.You seriously need some style.If you could do it with more of a feel for what your piece is supposed to represent,you would have a deal with Capitol Records. Enough bashing,Time for some good news YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR SPEED.I liked that you used short burst of speed instead of long runs which bore people.Also your tone was great,and it does work with the track very well.Out of ten I give you a 7 because you have speed and dont sound like yngwie malmsteen.PM me and I will try to help you with the style thing.untill laterRed Heade Axe
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hmmm... listened to a bunch of your songs and they were really good, but the weird guy up there is right if you got a cohesive style that was different you could have something because your pretty damn talented.

Also you should start sweep picking a little more IMO.
You can shred. Try tapping and sweeping, too. It sounds pretty good. There's a couple of notes around the one minute mark that are kinda iffy. Besides that it is really good. Try conveying more emotion, also... like bends and stuff where the ATTITUDE OF METAL is expressed /m/ /m/ /m/ /m/ /m/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rock on.