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Haha. Lately if I'm just looking for information I usually use Wiki, the Firefox custom search bar for it. I usually only use Google if there's a specific site I want to find.
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Really, it's quite gutting that we'll all be dead by the time the earth is entirely underwater because I really want to stick your head underwater while standing on Everest and say "if sea levels aren't rising, HOW COME YOU'RE DYING?!"
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Your saying UG is more reliable than Google?..... You my friend are the biggest dumbass I have ever seen.

I didn't see "reliable" in his thread anywhere. I did, however, see "entertaining."
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.... you want a fucking cookie?


That's Halarious.
wow. now i really want a cookie..
although it is weird to find someone actually say that they USE the search tool
like a vet like me :P jk