Okay, so about 5 minutes ago, I killed this really creepy insect.
It was about 3cm long, and had these really ****ing creepy antlers which moved back and forth, it was really weird, anyone know what it is? It's black too, if that helps.
Maybe a Potatoe Bug. Where'd you find it?
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the fuking creepy bug
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Maybe a Potatoe Bug. Where'd you find it?

Nah, i just wiki'ed it, it definitely isn't a potato bug.
Anyway, I found it in my room.

More details: It has wings, and like I said, one distinct one is that it's antlers hover back and forth constantly.
you mean feelers right? How many legs?
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Wow, I watched until the centipede mounted the mouse then i closed it. Seeing things in real life getting killed freaks me out. Video games and television I'm fine with though.
It was one of satan slaves reincarnated as a bug. But that bug was suppose to rap and get people to give him money so he could buy a drill big enough to go to hell and unleash satans minions. You just stoped the apocolypse congrats
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you mean feelers right? How many legs?

Yea that's what I mean.
Probably six? I mean, that's what insects usually have.
But I didn't actually count the legs, I just picked the closest thing I could find and just smacked the shit out of it.

And to the above poster, no it's not that, thank god.

EDIT:And when I say the feelers moved back and forth, I mean it was ALWAYS moving, like there was some mechanism in the insect. Though it may not have necessarily have been the feelers, it looked like it.
were the feelers long or kinda horn shaped like this ones
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haha You pwned an entire website....i bow down...

Did it look like one of these?

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To Brandon: Well, I'm sure that they weren't horned, because there were two of these feelers. I'm from Singapore, which is a tropical country, if that makes a difference.

To davidson: It resembles neither I would say. Maybe the first one but very little resemblance.
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hmm, well are any of these it? http://stason.org/photos/gallery/insect/bug/index.html
Any way you cold photograph it and post it or is it just mush now?

I would take a photo, but yes it just mush now.
I would say it was shaped like this though.

If it was black and had the moving feelers beside it it's body then I think it would fit the description, oh and tiny black legs too.
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Hmm, a pic would definitely help. I'm not really familiar with bugs in Singapore, but I was eating mealworms and scorpions tonight. Believe it or not, bugs are damn tasty!
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