Oh okay, I got it. I didn't know I could delete my own post, thanks.... so... which one?
Hmm.... well, what about the Ibanez GRGM21, that seems better than the GAX70? I don't know.
Egh... I can't stand the look of that SG, it looks like a toy or something, its the color. I have an SG and its black.
id go fot the Ibanez GRGM21 or the Epiphone SG
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I think when you'll get better, you'll be better off with an ibanez.
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Quote by Jayps Inimical
I think when you'll get better, you'll be better off with an ibanez.

Yeah, that's what I'm getting from my friend who's been playing for 4 years.
I have a GAX70 - Its not so great to be honest IMO. Id go with IJS20 or the Epi mate; Probably the IJS20
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dude that sg is alot different than the one at the guitar center. that one link doesnt do it justice... but it sounds really nice. the one at the gc has chrome hardware and pickups.
Don't get th GAX70, it's pretty rubbish for the price, and the tone on it is incredibly muddy. I'd go for the GRGM21, for sure. If you havent noticed, the IJS20 is the same guitar as the GAX70.
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Dont get the GRGM, its a kids guitar. If you're looking for a jumpstart pack, have a look into the IJX40/IJX121 pack.
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Thats what she said...
i dont know much bout ibanez but id say top 1

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I'd go with the GRGM21 out of those.. although i really suggest you go to a guitar shop, even second-hand, and give guitars a play before buying... nothing worse than something arriving in the mail that you've never touched before.

Every instrument is unique.. find the one that suits you, not looks most attractive off the website.
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Don't get that GRGM, it's small scale, built for like a 10 year old....and wont help you with your technique, especially as you move on to a larger guitar. I'd say the top one of those, but also look in to what Madpickin suggested.
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