Which one should i get?

I play rock... not too much metal....

i like Oasis, Jet, RHCP, Arcic Monkeys, Incubus, The Killers, The Ramones, Death Cab, The Cure, The Strokes etc...

Also, coz of budget, i have to get a CIJ tele... or a MIM one...
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get the lp, its better for rock.
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The Les Paul or Telecaster, whichever guitar suits you better.
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so the tele even tho its Single Coil, it can still play all those bands' music?
try those guitars and don't hurry up - i didn't considered enought between Strat and LP and i bought strat, now i wish i do it ...
you wish you didnt do it?

ok i know ill have to really try and see which guitar suits me better, ill try then go home and think for a few days then buy
i like some of those bands, but i listen to more punk and stuff, but i have an lp, and humbuckers are amazing (i had a squier strat before that with single coils)...i love lps, so i would recommend that, but the telecaster is good for the softer stuff
what if i get the tele and put in single coil sized humbuckers...

is that advisable?
I really like the HH teles. Its going to be my next guitar.
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Hmm.. I like the sound of a LP better than the sound of a Tele.. I'dd recommend the LP..

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