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Pretty cool.

I like em.
Most of the important things

in the world have been accomplished

by people who have kept on

trying when there seemed to be no hope at all
I can sweep way better than Roman..... Awsome band.

Edit: Do you have their EP Jim? if so, and if you know how and have the time and whatever else would you mind sending it to me, I can't seem to find it anywhere. That'd be awsome.
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Yeah, or I might see if I can get it from amazon or whatever, and then I can learn how to send shit and send it to ya.
Hahaha, nono, it's actually quite easy for me to get it.
I reckon I can get it delivered to my door haha.

I'm saying how can I send it to YOU :]
Quote by Gymmeh
I'm saying how can I send it to YOU :]

Sweet, that'd be awsome. But I have no idea how to send albums Spencer where are you? we need help....
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^You called?

Sure did We need to know how to send albums, from Jim to me that is.
You can either do AIM or if he's willing, email.
With aim just "Send Folder" between the two of you.
with email, he would just "Attatch" each song (probably about 2 per email)
I have cancer, fight me.
I don't even use aim.
I use mostly email for work purposes.
Besides that, nowadays it's easier to do EVERYTHING over MySpace
I have cancer, fight me.
You could do that, but if he doens't know how to torrent that will be a bitch to explain.
I have cancer, fight me.
Quote by Gymmeh

I'll just walk it round to his house one day.

Definitely easier.

There's only like 6 songs on it isn't there, couldn't you just e-mail it to me?
I could :]

I'll get it in the next couple of days then get back to you.
I'm about to head of for band prac myself in about an hour or so, and I wont be back till tonight, but I might be able to get it today.
Quote by Gymmeh
I could :]

I'll get it in the next couple of days then get back to you.
I'm about to head of for band prac myself in about an hour or so, and I wont be back till tonight, but I might be able to get it today.

Cool, have fun.
Weird production, but the music is incredible.
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Damn, I don't usually listen to deathcore type stuff, but this band is really really good.

How soon is that album coming out? And if you get some spare time on your hands and want to send me the ep too that'd be amazing.
It's Richie's last show tonight, the drummer.

And it's in Geelong, which is about an hour and a half away.
And they're playing with Mourning Tide and I want to go.
But I can't!

Oh well.
Wish for Wings and the Seduction tomorrow

Check the Red Shore for those who haven't:
The Red Shore is one of the few deathcore bands that do the genre proud IMO.

"Like knives and wolves, we dance as one"...don't know what the hell that means though.
By far the most brutal music. Ever.

I like the production. But they're only pre production anyway.
Anyone from brisbane i'm putting on a gig on the 5th of may.

City In Panic
FAlling into Apathy
Live from the Crime Scene

Mt Gravatt PCYC

YEah deathcore is mostly bad. I like As Blood runs black but, red shore , all shall perish are cool too. And Job for a cowboy when i wanna hear pig sqeuals alot.
this band owns, can someone send me the ep?
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God, they have THE GREATEST vocals EVER
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**** i loove flesh couture! what an awesome band. any word on when there latest cd will be out?
BTBAM-Colors Sept 18

i cant "tab out" the melodic riffs in the breakdown of " knives and wolves"..... ive been trying it for like a long time now

can somebody play the song?

id be cool if you could tell me how to play those riffs

Thank you
Wow, this is probably the first deathcore band I've enjoyed listening to. The guitar work in Flesh Colour is incredible.
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The lyrics in An Effigy Of Death have become rather cruelly ironic, wouldn't you think?

R.I.P Damo
Salvaging What's Left is amazing

EDIT: Does anyone know whose going to be doing vocals on the new album? I read somewhere that the vocalist from Bleeding Through was going to be doing some tracks.. yuck. and the vocalist from AOAA, i seriously hope it's just bull****
Isn't the bassist doing vocals right now? (The tour with IKTHPQ in Aussie)
and if any of you aussies out there have seen them live, how is the bassist on vox?
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Necrophagist how could all you n00bs forget the best german metalcore band ever. i think theyre tech metalcore tho or sumfin
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