I, am here,
all alone in this dark, dark place
thinkin' of you

because, when I think of you,
I forget all that is bad
I never stay mad,
when I'm thinkin of you,

You've got this thing,
That no guy could,
possibly ignore,

You've got this thing,
that keeps us guys all,
all attracted to you,
thats why Im thinkin of you,
cant stop thinkin of you

I thought I was whole,
I thought that I needed no more until
you came, strollin into mylife

Now I cant even say Im half,
Now I cant get you outta my head,
My mind, Im attracted to you,
cant stop thinkin of you,

I, can't, stop, thinkin of you... JUUUUST YOU!

*cool little chorus riff*

thats all so far Still got 2 thirds of song left to write. Let me know what you guys think. Thoughts and ideas would be appreciated.