Well ive heard great things about this amp and am wondering would it be enough wattage for a band situation, i mean itd obviosly be easier to crank and could be miked up live but i m just wondering since it seems a good deal. Otherwise i might go for that ashdown fallen angel thing instead. Were an indie/classic rock band, no screamo harcore here thanks ;P
I think the tiny terror would be perfect for you! Good enough wattage to play small gigs (hook up to a PA if it's not loud enough) a good tube amp and it's orange...lol.

I say go and check it out!
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Also what cab should i think about buying? I want something light and easier to move around, and cheap obviously ;P Also for gigs i would probably using someone elses cab so i dont necerely need 8 bazzilion speakers

Thanks Joe
People gig with the 15W Blues Jr combo, you should be able to gig with the 15W Tiny Terror. Especially if you put it on top of a 2x12 or 4x12. If you feel you have someone else's cab to use when gigging, you might consider getting a simple 1x12 for yourself, if you're looking to save money.

Obviously, an Orange cab would be ideal, but they're also expensive. Might look into Avatar cabs, I haven't tried them, but they're highly recommended here as an inexpensive alternative. Have them build you something with Celestion V30's (they're what Orange uses). You could also look used. I got my Mesa cab that way, and it's dying to have a Tiny Terror rest above it.
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Yea, it's quite a loud amp. Also AMAZING sounding, big thick beefy tone, and that was just on a Strat.
I tried it with the 2x12 Orange cab.
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