So the deal is, I've been researching diff basses b/c I'm planning on upgrading my J-Bass ripoff.

I was wondering if Fender's Am-Deluxe basses are worth their money? I've been GAS-ing for an Am-Deluxe Pbass. I've played one before, and it was pretty sexy, but I'm just not sure if it's worth it, as I could probably get a Stingray, or an Ibanez + something else, or a Warmoth built for the same price. I've read lots of great reviews for all the Am-Deluxe basses, but they're a lot of money at ~$1300.

My girlfriend said she'd help me with money to buy the bass, if not buy the whole bass for me (which I refuse to let her do). I love my girlfriend.

Also, I have a Fender Bassman 100 combo amp, and it's decent, but I'm not sure if it's up to snuff - I'm planning on joining a band soon so if we gig, the 100W may not cut it. I was wondering if maybe I should keep my J-bass copy and get a great new amp or go for the bass?

Amp-wise, I was thinking of a head + cab, but I haven't really checked out my local store's selection of heads/cabs.

In conclusion:
- Should I go for a bass or an amp?
- Are American Deluxe Fenders worth the money?
- Would a slightly upgraded amp (200W combo) be sufficient for gigging?

IMO, the American Deluxe P is the best (non Jap) Fender out there. It's more versatile and better made than the average. If you can afford it, go for it.
For that money, I'd build a Warmoth custom if I was really looking for a nice Fender-type bass. If you don't want to assemble it yourself, etc. then give the Deluxe a try, they are very nice basses overall. Try out other basses in that price range as well.

If you're going to be doing decent-sized gigs in the near future then you may want to get a better amp first. 200W+ for sure (more is better, especially if you won't have a PA at some gigs), and invest a good amount of money into it. Even a Jazz ripoff will sound lovely through a good amp. As I recall, you live in Canada, so check out Yorkville amps, you can get very good deals on them here since they're made in the country.

A final word of advice. Avoid at all costs having a girlfriend pay for anything expensive (particularly essential gear). It never, repeat, NEVER ends well.

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Sounds to me like an excuse.

"Honey, I've got to buy a new bass! This diamond is made of a dead guy! I made him a promise!"

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A final word of advice. Avoid at all costs having a girlfriend pay for anything expensive (particularly essential gear). It never, repeat, NEVER ends well.

Yeah, I know. I've tried a Yorkville amp before and it seemed pretty decent, so I might go that route.

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get an amp first for sure, what kind of bass do you play, finger or pick?

Both. Mostly finger though.

So I guess I'm off to buy a new amp sometime soon. Maybe if I can get a good deal, then I'll save up for the Fender, or maybe even just grab an Ibanez.

Do you think a combo will be enough? Or should I just go for the head + cab route?
Okay so this guy has a GK 700RB and a Yorkville 4x10 for sale for $900 together, or $500 for the head and $400 for the cab. Is this a good deal/investment, even if I'm not in a band atm?