Poll: Moving/Supergrass - one of the best songs ever?
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8 80%
Voters: 10.
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Christ no!

It's barely one of Supergrass's best songs, and lets be honest they don't crop up that often amongst the "greatest songwriters ever" discussions,

I'm a huge fan of them (yet again the Britpop Law raises it's head), but personally I'd say that their 3 best are Going Out, Caught By The Fuzz and Alright.

Sorry to shatter your illusions but even asking this question is short-sighted to the point of sycophancy about how Supergrass actually compare to other bands in the mid-90's, never mind of all time. Can you honestly hold your hands up and say that "Movin" is a better song than Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" for example...?
It's catchy. It's got an actually quite interesting chord progression. I like it.

It's not one of the best songs ever though.
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here ya go
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here ya go

Nice one

I love this song, but one of the greatest songs ever? Fraid not. Certainly one of Supergrass' finest!
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Oh yeah. Lyrically rather depressing but musically uplifting. I like that too.
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I always considered this my favourite Supergrass track until I remembered they did 'caught by the fuzz', 'alright', and most importantly, 'sun hits the sky'.

They're still releasing decent stuff though, so one day hopefully they'll get back to writing consistently well like they used to.
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