It's a plain black and white cheap bass I got for $50 off my friend. I've already painted the pickguard black and the headstock black, so now it's basically a goth style bass. I glued on 3 strips of paper (shut up, I do what I want) so I could write something on it. Now, I don't care if it loses its value or whatever the hell, it's a backup bass, and I'd rather have it looking crazy, ****ed up and trash, then have it look plain boring. So, now I need ideas what to write on the paper.

And does anyone know where you can those stickers that most people have on their Squiers?
Hmm, "those" stickers? You mean.. any sticker? Or is there actually a specific type of sticker people put on them?

Anywho, you can write whatever the hell you want, ya know? And you can always just keep adding paper or whatever on top of the existing sheets, and write anything else. So it's not like it has to be permanent, just write whatever you want, I don't have any real suggestions, though. I'd also do anything to chip paint off and stuff, I'm a biiiig fan of the worn look, even on cheap gear.
Well, any sticker basically, like those big ones :p

Usually the ones that have band logos on em...or those bumper style stickers
Oh, hmm, the ones I had (i put them on my crappy Behringer 1x12 amp) I had got from one of those "insert 50 cents and get a sticker" machines. Would those be considered vending machines? I don't know, my brain sucks right now.

I got mine in a Pizza Hut or something years ago, haha. Or you could order them online, more than likely, depending on what band you'd want.. maybe on interpunk.com or something? That'd be my best bet.
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IMO, don't write anything on the paper, and just wrap the entire bass in strips of paper. Then you could have a mummy bass.
Write stupid stuff on the paper with a big permanent marker. Just make sure you don't write while the paper is on your bass unless its very thick or else it will go through the paper. I'd write stuff like porno, co ck, vagina, buttsecks, dirty sanchez or whatever.
I would write "In the end they will know we have rocked"(Zander Lee)
"In the end they will know we have rocked" (Zander lee)

"Nick Grundy have a wonderful afterlife"

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I would write something like;

SHOUT AT THE DEVIL or something along those lines.

If all else fails tape pictures of Playboy centrefolds to it. I've done that to my Ripper and it looks so badass.

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