I came across someone selling a Mark II in my neighbourhood, but unfortunaly I don't know anything about them.

I've searched a bit and apperantly there are 3 Mark II versions, A, B and IIC+, the last one being the best.

This is the amp he's selling:


Can anyone see which version it is?

And if it's the A or B, are they really bad compared to the IIC+ (and the Mark IV?). I want to get a nice heavily distorted tone (bad horsie-like), as well as a good tone for death metal, early metallica, as well as 'good/useable' cleans, shred/neoclassical sounds, classic rock, etc.

I've read that the mark IV is great for all of that, but what about this Mark II?

Ow, the information on the right says:

Guitar amplifier in good condition. First owner, Handbuild tube amp with 60/100W class sound. Builded in 1981-1982. Massive wooden box and electrovoice speaker. Full check up: 3 new pre-amp tubes, potmeters, tubesockets and jacks have been replaced, bias has been fine-tuned.
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I can't really see which version it is, but can't you ask it to seller, also play on it, I also bought my amp on kapaza ( a Mark IV) and you should be shure that you like its sound, but most of the Marks are still very versatile and good amps.
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PS where do you exactly live in Belgium?
Im personally not a fan of the Mark II theyre very fizzy and theres popping between channel switching. But the Mark IIC+ was the final one and it was amazing did away with all the problems of the earlier models. Look above the power chord on the back if there is a + then it is a C+. But it being made in 81-82 its probably an A as i dont think the C+ came out till 1984 or 85
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A lot of people would send the MkIIa or b back to Mesa to have the IIc+ mod done. It removes noise from the circuit and changes the EQ a bit.

The MkII is an acquired taste, better for classic rock, blues, jazz, pop rock than hard rock or metal, picture Santana. Not a bad amp at all, just a little different flavor than the III or IV.
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^ I know for sure I've played a Mark IIB. If it has silver tops on the knobs it's a Mark IIB. I don't remember whether it had a graphic EQ, but I think it did which leads me to believe that that's a Mark IIA. But I'm not sure, ask the seller if it has silver tops on the knobs (it might just be glare in the picture.) You don't have a Mark IIC.

Check out this link, it has info on the differances.



As for the sound of a Mark IIB, I didn't have much time to spend with it, so maybe i just didn't know how to work it. I expected it to be high gain, since I knew nothing about the Mark II's but even with the gains maxed on lead and the amp cranked it had a very blues rock sound. The heaviest I could get was zeppelin. The cleans were round and warm, and the overdrive was bluesy with nice breakup. It sounded great, I loved it for that old school kinda stuff.

But if you wanna play Vai, Metallica, or other metal type stuff it won't do it.

EDIT: Actuallly, I don't know if the Mark IIB's have graphic EQ's, I think they don't, so that oculd be a B. Just ask if it has silver caps. Also, you could try asking for the serial number and sending it in to MESA.
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Allright, thanks for the help everyone!

I contacted him and he told me it was a B, and according to what I've read here it isn't the amplifier for me. Guess I'll have to continue my search.
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