post pics of your guitar =]
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i love you

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I will build this one of these days.

Thant things gorgeous. And nice Three Inches of Blood quote.
I'm back, you douchebags.
Someone really needs to make a virtual bass builder. Is anyone on UG who is good with Flash willing to give it a try?
electro music alliance

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i dont want to sound like a complete goon, but where did people get the les paul and ibanez designs?
and how do you save the pictures of your finished design? :/
Top lel.
you have to watch what your doing if you thinking of building and selling..cuz of copyright laws. you can not get a ibanez and rig it out like a jem and say its a jem.
les paul is sueing left and right for this stuff.
Ibanez S470
Boss ME-50...
Some old amp...

i meant how did the people who got les paul designs up at the top get them?
Top lel.
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i meant how did the people who got les paul designs up at the top get them?

This site:

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I win.

I'd buy it if it were real.
That thing has to kick so much ass.

Nothing too fancy, but thats what I like.
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Yeh this guy knows his ****... just listen to him XD

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NaivexLi is anything but naive. His post was a pretty good source of info.


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Finding this website will completely destroy my social life LOL
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!

and this ones my fav one...
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Who has the best looking design so far? I liked that JEM on the previous page, it was gorgeous. I wonder how much one of those would cost?