Hello everyone!

I would like to find out what would be a good glue to use for guitar building. I know that a lot of people use Titebond II or something, but the problem is, I live in Switzerland and cannot get that kind of stuff.

I have access to european (mainly german) chemical brands, like Henkel. There aren't any specialist shops. I can buy from a hardware store...

There are loads of wood glues, but I doubt any of them are strong enough...a luthier's glue is supposed to bond stronger than the wood itself. I'm looking for something to glue bodies, set necks and scarf-join headstocks.

Can anyone recommend me some good glue for making guitars?

Thanks in advance
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This is a german company. They have tightbond. Use the regular tightbond, not tightbond II. For gluing set necks you should use hot hide glue. This company is also a good place to get that.


All the lutheirs around me are using evo-stick. I've used it on a couple guitars and it seems to hold up just fine.
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Hot hide glue is best for electric guitars too. If the guitar ever needs a neck reset, it's easier to do if the neck was put on with hot hide glue and the joint in more rigid which means more sustain.
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I've been to busy with the stuff that has already been sold, so the build thread has to wait. I thought I would be caught up by last wednesday but now it's looking like it will be monday or tuesday befor I get to start on that again.
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